SustainCERT submits application to become a Verifier under the Global Carbon Council

SustainCERT has applied to become a Verifier under the Global Carbon Council (GCC). This expansion would follow SustainCERT becoming an accredited Validation and Verification Body under ISO 14065 by ANAB in 2023 and an approved verifier under the Verified Carbon Standard. It highlights our commitment to scale our verification activities and expand our Validation and Verification services across multiple, internationally recognized standards, powered by our digital platform.

What is the Global Carbon Council?

The Global Carbon Council (GCC) is an international standard in the voluntary carbon market, working towards a vision of a sustainable and low-carbon world economy. It is the first standard to come out of the Middle East and North Africa region and it places special emphasis on low-carbon development in this region, while also certifying projects globally.

The GCC develops standards, rules and procedures for GHG reduction projects, and issues carbon credits for approved and independently verified projects. The GCC ensures that carbon projects don’t cause any net-harm to the environment or society, favoring projects that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What will we be offering as a GCC Verifier?

After approval by GCC, SustainCERT will offer validation (project verification in GCC terminology) and verification (emission reduction verification) services under all the GCC scopes (Green House Gas GHG#-ACC, Environmental No-harm E+, Social No-harm S+, and Sustainable Development Goals SDG+) and under the following GHG scopes:

1.      Energy Industries

2.      Energy Distribution

3.      Energy Demand

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